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What is Callsocial?

Callsocial is a Photo CallerID app for your Android phone. When your friends call you, you now automatically see their latest, full-screen Facebook profile photo on the call.


Why should I use Callsocial, instead of the regular phone incoming call application?

Callsocial displays the full screen images of friends who call you. For friends on Facebook, their latest profile pics are updated automatically.


Will handsets are supported?

Callsocial currently supports Android version 2.0+.


How much does it cost to use the application?

Callsocial is FREE to download and use.


Are outgoing calls supported?

Yes, both incoming and outgoing calls are supported.


Can I assign my local photos to a contact?

Absolutely. You can use the "Set Large Photo" option in Settings to manually assign a photo to a Contact. This photo will show full-screen on calls.


Why do you ask me to login to Facebook?

Callsocial needs to fetch your Facebook friends' data, for which you need to authorize the first time.

Note: Callsocial does not ask for or receive your user name, password; you login directly to your Facebook account to authorize Callsocial.


How safe is my private Facebook content with Callsocial?

We ensure complete security of your data in these ways:


Can I use Callsocial while roaming?

Yes, you can use Callsocial while roaming outside your home network, provided you have data roaming on the visiting network.

Important: higher data usage charges may be applicable while you are roaming. Please check the feasibility and costs with your carrier.


I have a problem/idea/suggestion/compliment! How do I contact you?

The best way to give us your ideas, feedback, praise, brickbats and to report bugs & problems is at our Support Center or contact us on Twitter @callsocial.